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Record everything for your animal!

Say goodbye to pen and paper! Logging important information about the care of your wildlife couldn't be easier with a QR2id Sticker or Plate. Simply scan the QR2id Code and touch the Log Entry button to bring up the form. QR2id remembers any special types of observations applicable to the animal and has them ready for you next time. e.g. Sheds for snakes.

QR2id provides a simple, secure and extremely low-cost solution to maintain your records and expenses.

100% Lifetime Replacement Guarantee

Get the best value with the QR2id Wildlife Care Starter Kit which includes 10 premium weather proof labels, 3 tags and your 2nd year of subscription FREE! Only have 1 animal? Just Use the remaining labels for whatever you like - find out what else you can do with QR2id here.

"Thanks, I got mine in the mail today and I love it, it's awesome! This is exactly what I was looking for. I have uploaded my pictures and transferred all my records from the past years. It can be as basic or as complex as you like it. Love having all the information online and it is very easy to check. Highly recommended!"
Jacques Griesel, Mackay, QLD

Wildlife Care Starter Kit

QR2id will revolutionise how you care for your animal by allowing you to easily record everything like feeds, sheds, cleans, length, weight and more! Compared to other systems, QR2id is above and beyond what other record keeping systems offer. You will be surprised by what this system will do for you.

QR2id Features Table

“I used to use Snakekeeper but it was lacking in several areas when compared with QR2id. This system is great!”
Laura Brindley, Erakala, QLD

Wildlife Care Starter Kit

No Third Party Servers

Sensitive information is highly encrypted

Works On Any Device

No apps or updates required. You don’t even need a QR Barcode Scanner App. Just enter the serial number at



Fully Expandable

Add unlimited QR2id Codes to your reptiles, valuables, vehicles …anything!

PIN Security Layer

Ensure that only you record to the QR2id Code


In-Case-of-Emergency function allows authorised personnel to access your vital contact information

QR2id Features

“QR2id is so easy to use and extremely convenient. I use it for 2 pythons and it would be ideal for anyone with more. I would definitely recommend it!!”
Justin Bell, Upper Coomera, QLD

“My python has had some health issues recently and the QR2id system has allowed me to track husbandry, behavioural changes and use of medication with ease. The ability to export the the care-log was also extremely useful in the initial diagnosis; it quickly allowed my vet to assess the severity and causes of the issue based on accurate, logged information from before symptoms even began to show. I would definitely recommend this system to anyone wanting to keep track of their python's general progress.”
Anna Krautbauer, Dee Why, NSW

Wildlife Care Starter Kit

Every QR2id Code can be changed to accommodate a different application. The Wildlife Care Starter Kit comes with 10 polymer labels and 3 tags. If you only have 1 animal, you can use the remaining codes for a multitude of other applications.

This expansive databasing system can be used for your vehicles, pets, personal items, clothing, home and business. Every code you purchase and activate is unique to your account - a central place where you can manage everything.

Loss Recovery

Loss Recovery

Ever lost your keys? Most people don’t have any kind of identifiable information on their key ring to aid in recovery. With QR2id you can securely have a means by which anyone can contact you without ever knowing your phone number or home address. The person who finds your lost item simply scans the code or enters the serial number at where they fill out a contact form that is sent directly to your nominated email address. You can even opt in for SMS messaging.

Log Books Made Easy

Log Books Made Easy

Pen and paper may be tried and true, but does it export to Excel in a neat, easy to understand format that tells you exactly your breakdown of personal and business kilometres? With QR2id you can assign a code to your vehicle where a label on your dash can be scanned and you record your trip. It is then automatically added to the log and when it comes to tax time, simply export the data to Excel. Why make your tax longer than it has to be - simplify with QR2id.

Lending Property Made Easy

Lending Property Made Easy

Lent an item to a friend or family member and forgot who has it? When logged into your account you can click on any code and add an Application Note where you can type in the name of the person you lent it to. You can record anything that will help you to remember, you can even upload a photo of the person you lent the item to.

Pet Tags

Pet Tags

Traditionally on your pet’s collar you had to put your phone number as a means of having your pet returned to you safely. But if you would much prefer to not have this information readily available to just anyone, you can get a QR2id Tag Code and attach it to your pet’s collar. When someone finds your pet they can scan the code or enter the serial number at to contact you. You can even activate GPS Location Services so that you can see where your pet was found.

Wildlife Care Starter Kit