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Do you ship worldwide?

Yes! And that’s anywhere.

How much is shipping?

We ship overseas and in Australia. For overseas shipping it starts at $4.50AUD (about $3.50 USD) and for with in Australia it starts at $3.95AUD.

When is my order shipped?

All orders are processed once a week and are sent soon thereafter. You should receive an email through our system advising you of when your order has been shipped. We aim to get your order out as soon as we can and will contact you in case there is a significant delay to that process.

You are welcome to contact us if you haven’t received your order yet, however remember that if your order doesn’t use our cost effective cover for loss, we will not be able to resend your order. Without this, we can only advise you to wait.

What do the different postage methods mean?

In order to meet the needs of our customers and have more affordable options, we offer these postage  methods:

  • Standard Postage (No cover for loss) is the  cheapest  available method. By choosing this option you are agreeing that if your order is lost in transit, no replacements will be made available to you. You would need to reorder.
  • Standard Postage +Cover for loss (International Only) allows you to have your order replaced should it become lost in transit.
  • Registered Postage/Free Postage (Includes cover for loss) (Australia Only) allows you to have your order replaced should it become lost in transit.
  • Free Postage + Cover for loss (International Only) is an option when you have surpassed the free  postage  offer but would still like to be have your order replaced should it become lost in transit.

My order was undelivered so what do I do now?

If you had chosen “Standard Postage (No cover for loss)” or “Free Postage (No cover for loss) when you made your order, we will not be able to send you out a replacement order. We also will not be able to track or find out where your package is as Australia Post does not provide this on this service. We are not responsible for the actions of Australia Post.

If you had chosen “Standard Postage + Cover for loss” (International), “Registered Post (Includes cover for loss)” (Australia) or “Free Postage + Cover for loss” then your order can be resent at no cost to you. You simply need to contact us and we will assess your problem.

What happens regarding customs?

Each country has their own rules regarding how packages are controlled. Depending on the limits they employ will determine if, and how much, you will need to pay in order to accept the package. Customs and import duties are the responsibility of the importer, the purchaser, of the goods being imported.

We recommend that you contact your country’s customs department to see what the rates are and what limits are enforced.

Local purchases shipped within Australia do not require customs and import duties.

Making Your Order

Why doesn't my debit/credit card work?

Cards have verification built into them to prevent fraud, for example, Verified by Visa or Mastercard SecureCode. Some services online can falsely authenticate this verification in various ways, for example, your shipping information differs to the address information on your card.

We utilise PayPal which is a secure method of processing your information, but since the issue is caused by the verification process from your provider, we are unable to resolve the issue directly.  To fix this problem we suggest you get in contact with your provider to see if they can clear up the issue.

Alternatively, you can always choose “Wire Transfer” from the payment methods so you can pay via your bank (Australia only). While this is a slower method of payment, you wouldn’t have these kinds of verification processes impeding on your transaction.

Some customers have even tried using their Credit Card instead of their Debit Card which has proved successful for them.

Where can I find the link to my shopping bag?

The shopping bag is located on any product page just to the left of the rating section.

Why can't I order Pro-Props directly through the Virides Reptile website?

Pro-Props are the product of Dr. Shane Simpson from The Reptile Doctor. We manufacture his product and promote it on his behalf. As such we provide links through to his website where the Pro-Props can be purchased along with any other products which exists on his online store.

I can't find my species in the Name Plates section. How can I get the species for my animal?

If you can’t find your animal’s species from our Name Plates range, simply go click the “Add Your Species” in each respective section to add it to your order.

How do I order more than one of the same species with different content?

While the ordering system is not as intuitive as we would like it to be (it is out of our control), there is an easy way to order two of the same species with each containing separate information.

  1. Place your first Name Plate order with the content it requires.
  2. Do not close the page, click back or go to another species.
  3. Change all the order form content to the next animal you want to cover.
  4. Click on the button at the bottom of the order form’s side panel where it says “Add More”.
  5. You have now added two of the same species, each with different content.

Discounts & Coupons

What bulk discount levels do you have?

We have different bulk discount levels that occur when your order’s sub-total reaches the following:

  • Spend over $120AUD to get 5% off
  • Spend over $190AUD to get 10% off
  • Spend over $320AUD to get 15% off

When your sub-total reaches the next level, the new discount is applied to the whole order. For example, this means you do not receive 5% then 10%, rather just 10% overall.

When I use a coupon code it affects my bulk discount, why?

While we do have levels at which different discounts apply, the coupon system overrides the bulk discount system. This however only applies to when the new sub-total based on the coupon code reaches over the bulk discount level. Then the bulk discount applies in conjunction thereafter.

For example, if your sub-total is $130AUD then you would receive the first discount level of 5%. This means you pay $123.50AUD (ex postage). However if you apply a coupon code, for example it gives you 10% off, then it overrides the bulk discount. This means that you now pay $117AUD which is below the $120AUD level. You would need to spend at least $134AUD to be able to get both the coupon code discount and the bulk discount to apply.

General Product Information

I received the Sliding Glass Finger Grips but they are pink. Why?

The product has pre-applied adhesive which has a protective translucent pink liner. Once this liner has been peeled off you will see the product is in fact clear. Just make sure to follow our installation instructions here.

Do Pro-Props damage the mouth of my reptile?

When reptiles feed they can lose teeth, it’s a natural part of their existence. When you use the Pro-Props there is a chance that teeth can be dislodged, however being gentle when using them greatly reduces the chances.

The Pro-Props are actually shaped in such a way that they take advantage of the teeth by allowing the tool to remain in place better. In fact if you manage to place them in well enough, you can let go and they will remain in place for you.

Name Plate Information

What can I customise on my Name Plate?

To satisfy the requirements of everyone and also to ensure that everyone’s order is  sent out in a timely manner, we only offer a select few changes to the Name Plates as part of their customisation.

You are able to affect the following:

  • Pet Name
  • Acquisition Date
  • Hatch/Birth Date
  • Locale (Optional)
  • Genetics (Optional)
  • Venom Type (Optional, venomous reptile species only)
  • Panel Size
  • Panel Material Type
  • Adhesive Type

Why doesn't the Invertebrate Name Plates come with a map?

While some species do a map to reference, not all species do. If map data is unreliable to source it’s unfair to show the map data for some and not others, even within the same animal group, such as Huntsman Spiders.

We will try to have the QR code link to a website which provides the most extra information about that species where possible.

How do I find my species?

While we have structured the library to be as user friendly as we can, you can’t always find your species easily especially since the species library will continue to grow.

So on the website there is a search function where you can search for any part of the common name or Latin name. For example when you search “Naja” it will return our Elapid (International) categories where Naja naja is listed for the Spectacled Cobra.

When it comes to common names, these are chosen based on whatever is mostly referenced on the internet. While some species may have many common names, we can’t list all of them as this can create confusion which will lead to mistakes being made between orders.

If we get an Add Species Order from you, we will assess the popularity of the common name and let you know if this will be changed to better represent it within our library, but we will always contact you directly by email about this.

How accurate are your maps on the Name Plates?

We utilise reference maps which we deem to be the most reliable in which to trace out the distribution ranges suitable for our production method. We always strive to show the entire distribution range of the animal but sometimes this is not possible. Distribution ranges only show the generally accepted range of the animal rather than the actual range of the animal in the wild, so we can only show what we find through our reference images.

Why do you include Hybrids in the species you cover in the Name Plates?

Hybrids are becoming popular in captivity so we have designed Name Plates that specifies the crossed species. So for now we have included these animals in our normal listings  but they will be migrated to their own section once more become available.

How do I scan the QR code on my Name Plate?

A QR code is a type of barcode which anyone with a smart phone can scan. For the Name Plates it will redirect you to a website we have chosen that shows some extra information about that species (at least the best we could find).

To scan the QR code you need to download an app for your smart phone (some come with it already). We recommend using apps like QR Droid for Android or QRafter for iPhone.

Product Use & Installation

How do I install the Sliding Glass Finger Grips?

For detailed instructions please use this guide, Sliding Glass Finger Grips – Installation Instructions.

How do I use the Pro-Props?

Dr. Shane Simpson from The Reptile Doctor shows you how to use the Pro-Props.

How do I install the Name Plates?

Simply clean the surface (glass, melamine, plastic, painted metal, painted wood) of dirt and grime by using a damp cloth  (no detergent). Peel off the protective liner from the self-adhesive backing or from the Velcro Dots and affix it to the surface.

The Velcro Dots require 15 minutes to attain full hold strength, so refrain from removing the Name Plate until this has occurred.

How do I remove a product which has been adhered on?

It is possible to remove any of our products when required, but care must be taken as typically these items have been adhered to glass.

You want to use a sharp implement like a knife or flat-bladed screwdriver to get beneath the item. Once you are under it you can start to gently pry off the item, being careful not to damage the glass or yourself.

Remember that you don’t need to remove the adhesive with the item at the same time. If residue does remain you can use methylated spirits or turpentine to loosen the adhesive then use a spatula or similar device to remove the bulk of the gum. You can then use a cloth soaked with either chemical to further remove the residue.

If you wish to replace with another product using adhesive, then please ensure that the area has been wiped clean of any residue whether left over by the adhesive or the cleaning chemicals. You can use isopropanol alcohol to help do this.

How do I install a sticker from Signs & Stickers?

Clean surface with water (no detergent) or isopropanol alcohol to remove residue/dust. Also clean hands free of grime/dirt.

Peel off backing from sign and place down one edge to surface, ensuring sign is level. Apply the rest of the sign down from one side to the other (you can also use a credit card to help apply the sign down).

Run your fingers/credit card firmly over the sign to engage the adhesive to the surface.

Adhesive strength increases over the next 48 hours.

Digital Gift Cards

Can I purchase multiple cards?

Yes! You can purchase as many as you want in any combination.

Make sure that you put the relevant optional Recipient Email, To Name and Message for each Digital Gift Card to be purchased.

Can I use my Digital Gift Card multiple times?

Yes! You can use your card several times as the system will deduct the value of your order from the card upon successful purchase of your order.

If your order exceeds the value of the Digital Gift Card, the system will ask for you to pay the remainder owing via additional methods.

Can I purchase within an order for my own products?


Do the discount tiers still apply to my order when they include Digital Gift Cards?

Yes! Your order will still have the discounts applied to it should it exceed at least $120 sub-total value. Free shipping will also occur once your order exceeds the minimum $100 sub-total value.

Why haven't I received my Digital Gift Card yet?

Whether you have sent the Digital Gift Card to yourself or emailed it directly to your recipient, the emails can take up to 1 hour to deliver.

Please also make sure to check your Junk Email folder and make sure to set our email to “Not Junk Mail” so that it won’t be delivered incorrectly in the future.

Can I use my Digital Gift Card at an event you are attending?

No, you will not be able to use the card at any of our stalls.

Can I use other coupon codes in addition to using the Digital Gift Card?

Unfortunately we can’t have two coupon codes used as this is a restriction of the core store system back end and as such we can’t allow this functionality. Should the feature be available in the future, we will surely add it but for now the Digital Gift Card can only be used solely as it is a coupon code in itself.

Can I redeem for cash?

No, we do not allow for cash to be redeemed when using Digital Gift Cards.

Do the Digital Gift Cards have an expiry?

Yes, there is a 24 month expiry period following the date of purchase. If you have paid with Wire Transfer (Australia Only) then the Digital Gift Card(s) will be activated and emailed out once the Paid status on the order has been updated in our online store system, which will notify you by email.

What happens when my Digital Gift Card expires?

You will not be able to use the Digital Gift Card coupon code and it will not be recognised as a valid code. Any money left on the card can’t be redeemed before, on or after expiry.

Can I use my Digital Gift Card to purchase Pro-Props?

No. The Pro-Props are shown on this website as a gateway to our client’s online store where you can purchase this product. Our Digital Gift Cards will not work on their website.

Our Policies

What is your return policy?

Virides Reptile does not accept responsibility for the condition of products upon arrival to the customer during transit by Australia Post or other parties. In case of product damage, the customer is to notify Virides Reptile and post back any damaged products at the customer’s expense to Virides Reptile. Virides Reptile will then undertake steps to resolve the issue at its discretion.

What is your other legal information?


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What is your Name Plate policy?

When you put in the information required for your Name Plate, you are required to check two statements. One to confirm that the information provided is correct and the other to confirm that there are no returns or refunds on incorrect information provided by you.

However if the information provided on the Name Plate is in error by Virides Reptile, we will replace your product with the correct information. If this occurs, please contact us with your order details and we will validate your request and process the amendment.