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Make your enclosure stand out with a personalised Virides Reptile customisable Name Plate.

We have a wide range of popular species for reptiles and now invertebrates! Don't see your species in the list? No problem! We can add it for no extra charge when you use the special custom order form. We then add these to our continually expanding library.

We have 4 style options to choose from - Black with White text, White with Black text and our premiums styles, Silver with Black text and Real Maple Wood. You have the option of either a full adhesive back (not available for wood) or Velcro Dots which are highly recommended for easy removal or swapping with other Name Plates. The Name Plates can be affixed to any indoor enclosure, vivarium, rack or tub system.

Reptile Name Plates are available in two sizes - 85 x 54mm (Small) and 145 x 90mm (Large).

You have 3 style options to choose from - Black with White text, White with Black text, and our premium Silver with Black text and Real Maple Wood.

Invertebrate Name Plates are 60 x 54mm (also available in our 4 styles).

Your new Virides Reptile Name Plate is customised with your pet's name, the species' common name and latin name, it's hatch date and gender. It features a map which shows where the species is distributed in the wild (not available for invertebrates). The optional QR code links to an informative website about your animal which can be updated to suit current species information (to use just download a QR scanning app to your phone such as QR Droid for Android or Qrafter for iPhone). Animals that are considered dangerous are marked with a danger/caution symbol as a warning.

Like one of our valued customers you can also customise your Name Plate with your pet's name, hatch/birth date and gender. You can also upgrade for Locale and Genetic information (reptiles only).

The distribution maps are referenced from information sourced by other parties, the accuracy of which is the responsibility of the original author. Distribution map sources include but are not limited to:,,, among others.

The websites chosen for the additional information through the use of QR codes are at the accuracy of the original author(s). The upkeep of these websites are the responsibility of the original author(s). Virides Reptile will update links to relevant information where possible through its own processes or through communication from its customers to enact changes.