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Tired of telling people not to tap the glass? Let our Signs & Stickers do it for you!

We have several style categories including Caution, Courtesy, Danger, I Love, Prohibition, Text and Warning. With a great mix of serious and not so serious styles, we cater for almost any situation.

Made from industrial grade vinyl with a clear matte laminate for a long lasting, professional quality finish. It can stick to almost any clean, painted or unpainted surface, such as painted wood, melamine, glass, Perspex, gloss ceramic tiles and bare/painted metal. Note: Never attempt to use stickers on painted plaster walls or similar surfaces, because the adhesive will damage the substrate when removed. It's even able to be used outdoors — that means you can stick them to the back of your car if you wish!

The Signs & Stickers range comes in two sizes - Small at 82 x 54mm and Large at 145 x 95mm.

Currently they are only available in a vinyl format, with other options to come.