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An important part of keeping reptiles is making sure they are healthy. This can only be achieved by regularly examining and checking them over for any abnormalities. Part of any good health check involves opening the animal's mouth and making sure everything is OK. But getting the mouth open and keeping it open may not be that easy! That's where Pro-Props can help.

Pro-Props have been specifically designed to help keepers and veterinarians alike.

Pro-Props can be used to:

  • Perform thorough oral examinations.
  • Allow syringes and feeding tubes to be passed easily.
  • Protect endotracheal tubes and endoscopy equipment while performing procedures on aneasthetised animals.
  • Hold the animal's mouth open while performing oral procedures.
  • Keep the animal's head stable when anaesthetised.

Pro-Props also have the following features and benefits:

  • Made from strong acrylic that won't break. They have been tested on a range of large snakes and monitors with no problems!
  • Clear, see-through construction that allows for better visualisation of the animal's mouth.
  • Specially designed shapes designed for use in snakes and lizards/turtles.
  • A range of sizes that cater for the smallest to the largest reptile.
  • The whole kit can be easily cleaned and sterilised between animals.
  • Polished edges to remove any sharp points that may damage the animal's mouth.
  • A good handle length to ensure hands are well away from the animal's mouth.
  • Different sizes easily identified by notches in the handle.
  • Kits come with a stainless steel chain to prevent loss of tools.
  • Kits also contain an attractive tag to easily identify the different kits.
  • Available as a complete set of 4 Pro-Props or in individual sizes.

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