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What We Do?

At Virides Reptile we love making products that are unique and practical for any reptile keeper. We’re based in Brisbane and regularly go to reptile shows and events. Collectively we have over 15 years experience with keeping reptiles and use that knowledge, as well as feedback from the reptile-keeping community to fuel our designs.

Who We Are?

Scott Owen

Design & Manufacture

I turn our products from concept in to reality. With 12 years of graphic and industrial design experience, I ensure that our products meet our standards for functionality, style and quality.

I focus my efforts on the herping community, and regularly donate my design skills to promote reptile keeping and awareness. I have always been a generous person who loves to help others and I bring this into my role at Virides Reptile.

I love all things Japanese – the language, the food, the history, and the people. My wife is Japanese, and every time we visit her family I relish the opportunity to explore new landmarks, eat my favourite delicacies and get immersed in the culture of the locals. I recommend you go to Japan at some point in your lifetime – it’s simply epic!

In my spare time I play the drums, do online gaming with my friends, and renovate my house. I also enjoy going hiking through the bush to explore new trails and for fitness.

Tim Owen

Stock & Distribution

For years I ran an ebay store, selling used items such as video games and consoles. Now I manage our online shop here on the Virides website, and I make sure that your order gets to you as soon as possible.

I have a Bachelor of Biomolecular Science and Masters in Clinical Microbiology. I decided to study this field as the biosciences were an interest for me throughout school.

I enjoy the outdoors, including hiking and swimming. Growing up on acreage, we had chickens, ducks, geese, and bred curly-coated retrievers. Later I found an interest in reptiles, and kept a water python and a spotted python.

I spend my spare time with friends, working on cars, and I love to play online games. Now I am looking to upgrade to a new project car – a V8 this time! I am also keen to start investing in the housing market.

Penny Felton

Concept Design

I bring our ideas onto paper by sketching concept art for our products and designs. With experience in art and graphic design, I use paper and pencil to draw my thoughts, then recreate them digitally before making prototypes with the laser cutter.

From childhood I have always found animals fascinating and could spend hours studying their behaviour. Now my own animal collection varies from year to year, including birds, snakes, lizards, rodents and the old family cat.

Whether it’s a bushwalk or going snorkelling, being in nature is where I go to unwind. I also like to get involved in volunteer conservation and clean-up projects whenever possible, and I hope to participate in foreign aid projects in the future.

When I’m not roaming around in the great outdoors, I can usually be found either in my kitchen cooking up something delicious and nutritious, or hiding away in my girl-cave sketching, watching movies or reading books in different languages.

Our Values?


We strive to be as helpful as possible to support the reptile community, and will work hard to provide resources and help in any way we can. We advocate conservation efforts in Australia and abroad.


We choose to create our own products and build our company in a way that challenges existing practices to create a better way. We will use the best materials and methods available and will not compromise on quality.


We will be honest about our choices whichever way they affect our clients and customers. We will represent ourselves and our intentions honestly to our colleagues and to our customers. We will be ourselves, even if that means being less than perfect, and sometimes letting our inner geek out to play.


We will treat others with respect for their thoughts, feelings, and opinions. We will strive to maintain the highest level of professionalism. We will not participate in or be distracted by gossip, negativity, or insults.